Having policies – any making sure your members know about it – helps everyone involved with the Club respect the Club’s values. 

Not only do policies set the standard for the behaviour expected from members and guest, but it also lets people know that the Club cares. 

Club policies have many benefits including:

  • Sends a clear message that the Club cares about the safety and well-being of members and guests
  • Great way to set clear expectations of your members and guests
  • Policies can help your club react in a fair and calm manner to any incidents
  • Good policies upheld the reputation of the club 
    (Sourced from Good Sports Program)

Good Sports has produced the Good Sports - Why It Is Important document to help assist Clubs.

Below is a list of suggested policies that could highly benefit your Club:

  • Code of conduct 
  • Photographic policy
  • Social media policy
  • Smoke-free policy
  • Alcohol policy
  • Inclusion policy
  • Spectator policy
  • Selection policy 
  • Member protection policy 

Play By the Rules has a great resource page for developing policies and includes generic templates for a range of different policies your Club may want to incorporate.

See: playbytherules.net.au/resources/templates

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