Council Policies

Policies form part of the Governance and Policy Framework. Section 2.7 (2)(b) of the Local Government Act 1995 states that the Council is to ‘determine the local government’s policies.’

Policies provide the Council and staff with the ability and direction to make decisions that are considered to be consistent and unbiased. A policy can also provide detail on the manner in which the City undertakes, or requires others to undertake, certain works or activities.

The City has established the following, with respect to policy and direction:

  1. Council Policies
    These are strategic policies that set governing principles and guide the direction of the organisation to align with community values and aspirations. These policies have a strategic, external focus and align with the mission, vision and strategic direction of the City.
  2. CEO Instructions
    These Instructions are developed for administrative and operational requirements. They have an internal focus.
  3. Procedures and CEO Directives
    Council Policies and CEO Instructions may be supported by a Procedure or CEO Directive that outlines how the Council Policy or CEO Instruction will be implemented.
Policy Development


Some of these policies and procedures include:

Governance Policies

Service Policies

Planning Policies

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