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Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : 2019
Location : Kalamunda Town Area


The Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan provides for a town planning framework to guide the following parts of the town centre over the next 10-15 years:

  • Land Uses (i.e. residential, offices, shops, dining).
  • Subdivision and Development requirements (including heights and setbacks).
  • Traffic, footpaths, cycling and carparking.
  • Parks, streets and public spaces.
  • Architectural quality.
  • Housing densities and types (i.e. town houses, terraces, villas, apartments and traditional homes). 


In early 2018 the City began preparing an Activity Centre Plan for the Kalamunda town centre. The City engaged Urbis (Planning Consultants) to help guide the planning process.

Activity centres (commonly known as city or town centres) are community focal points that provide services, employment, housing, entertainment, transport and a space for social interaction.

Kalamunda town centre needs an Activity Centre Plan, given that it is classified as a ‘District Centre’ under Western Australian Planning Commission’s State Planning Policy 4.2 – Activity Centres for Perth and Peel. A District Centre is generally characterised as having a focus on the daily and weekly needs of residents and typically provides for localised community services and commercial activities.

The intent and purpose of an Activity Centre Plan is to provide for the coordination of the future subdivision, zoning and development of an activity centre.

Kalamunda town centre has unique historical and locational qualities and is diverse in nature, land use and design. Its future and function needs a successful combination of a clear vision along with practical actions to allow it to remain relevant while retaining its character and identity. The preparation of an Activity Centre Plan will provide an opportunity to deliver a planning framework that will facilitate much needed action and strategic direction to key parts of the town centre.

Community Engagement Process

The City of Kalamunda and its project team undertook the first phase of stakeholder and community consultation in early 2018 to gain insights on local perceptions of the town centre and how it could better meet needs and aspirations. This included discussion with local business owners, landowners and tenants, the local Chamber of Commerce, local organisations and the broader community through:

  • ‘Coffee chats’ and ‘coffee club’ sessions with local business owners.
  • Pop-up container workshops including Jane Jacobs Walks and Idea/Emotional Mapping.
  • Community Visioning Exercise.
  • Online Survey conducted over 6 weeks.
Issues surrounding land use, the public spaces (parks, town square etc), connectivity, placemaking/business opportunities and built form were highlighted in the feedback received. Further community engagement is currently being undertaken as part of the formal advertising process of the Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan.

This consultation process, together with background investigation and context analysis, has informed the preparation the following draft vision:

“Kalamunda is a place borne of community spirit with a strong connection to its heritage. The town centre serves as a gateway to the hills and as a hub connecting both locals and visitors alike. Its natural bushland setting and traditional village atmosphere are a platform to enhance Kalamunda’s unique offerings, activities and events and provides spaces for community interactions and neighbourhood conversations.”

Current Status

On 28 May 2019 the Council of the City of Kalamunda adopted the Draft Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan for the purpose of public advertising.

The City is currently advertising the draft Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan and we strongly encouraged anyone who enjoys the town centre to read the plan and provide your feedback which will be incorporated into the final document.

Read more and provide feedback via

Where to From Here

At the conclusion of the consultation period on 8 August 2019, the City will collate and prepare responses to all submissions received, and update the Draft Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan documentation accordingly. The draft Plan will be considered by the Council in the second half of 2019 for the purposes of adopting the draft plan and forwarding it’s recommendation to the Western Australian Planning Commission for final approval. The City is also required to progress an amendment to the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 to fully implement the recommendations of the Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan. This is to ensure that there is statutory.

Progress Timeline

  • Background Investigations & Content (1 month)
  • Community / Stakeholder Consultation & Visioning (1 month)
  • Design Development Phase (1 month)
  • Preparation of Draft Activity Centre Plan (1 month)
  • Advertising of Draft Activity Centre Plan (60 days ) Consideration of Submissions & Document Modification (60 days) ~WE ARE HERE ~
  • Lodgement of the Plan the WAPC (120 days)
  • Plan Commences


Project Images

Overview of the process for the Kalamunda Activity Centre process. All details found in visioning report
KAC Vision - 4 key elements - Character, Community, Live/work/play, Connected - full details found in visioning report

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