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Membership's at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre

Hartfield Park Recreation Centre membership options include Gym, Gym Off Peak, Group Fitness and Combination Gym/Group Fitness.

Membership durations range from one (1), three (3), six (6) and 12 months, as well as a Direct debit option (one upfront payment plus 11 monthly payments). Casual use passes are also available.

All memberships include complimentary appraisals.

Contact Details:
Telephone: (08) 9359 1700

Off peak rate applies from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Hartfield Park Recreation Centre Membership Types and Prices

Membership Length 



Direct Debit 12 Month ContractCombination$72.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGroup Fitness$56.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGym - Peak$53.00
Direct Debit 12 Month ContractGym - Off Peak$47.00
12 MonthsCombination$826.00
12 MonthsGroup Fitness$635.50
12 MonthsGym - Peak$635.50
12 MonthsGym - Off Peak$523.50
6 MonthsCombination$482.00
6 MonthsGroup Fitness$371.00
6 MonthsGym - Peak$370.50
6 MonthsGym - Off Peak$305.00
3 MonthsCombination$275.50
3 MonthsGroup Fitness$211.50
3 MonthsGym - Peak$211.50
3 MonthsGym - Off Peak$174.00
1 MonthCombination$115.00
1 MonthGroup Fitness$88.50
1 MonthGym - Peak$81.50
1 MonthGym - Off Peak$72.50
Casual PassGroup Fitness Class$15.50
Casual PassGym - Peak$16.50
Casual PassGym Off Peak$14.50
10 Class Casual PassGroup Fitness$139.50
20 Class Casual PassGroup Fitness$279.00


High Wycombe Recreation Centre

Due to COVID-19, the High Wycombe Community & Recreation Centre 24/7 Gym is closed until further notice. If you are a member at the 24/7 gym, feel free to come to Hartfield Park Rec. Centre to utilise our gym equipment.

High Wycombe Recreation Centre offers Zumba, Zumba Gold and Junior Soccer classes. Multi passes are available via our online portal.
View membership options and pricing here

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