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Ray Owen Sport Centre Upgrades

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : Carpark: March 2022
Location : Ray Owen Sports Centre, Grove/Gladys Road, Lesmurdie

As part of the 2021/22 financial budget, the City of Kalamunda have scheduled works to the car parking at Ray Owen in accordance with the Master Plan.

Please observe any signage and directions whilst works are underway.

Car Park

Early site works commenced in early October 2021 in preparation for the construction in summer.  The car park construction will commence on 4 January 2022 with expected completion early March 2022.

During this time car park access via Grove Road will not be available.

Visitors to BMX, Netball and Basketball should enter via the normal access at Gladys Road. Access to Cricket will be temporarily constructed at Sanderson Road, whilst Grove Road entrance is closed.

A site compound will be present on the site, to house demountable office and heavy plant equipment. The area marked in red in the image below is closed to the public during the car park renovation works.

Carpark Upgrades Ray Owen


Back in 2015, the City adopted the Ray Owen Master Plan. Works will be completed in various stages and be subject to funding.


Strategic leisure planning involves the future planning and development of the City’s community facilities and parks.
Find out more about our Sport & Recreational Planning here


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Carpark Upgrades Ray Owen
Ray Owen Master Plan

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