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Woodlupine Brook Living Stream - Ecological Corridor Project

Project Status : Not Started
Estimated Completion Date : 2022
Location : Woodlupine Brook, Forrestfield

The City of Kalamunda are transforming the Woodlupine Brook from Strelizia Avenue to Dawson Avenue into a functioning living stream resulting in a more attractive and useable waterway for wildlife and the community.

Development Stages

Stage 1: 

Location: Strelizia Avenue to Woolworths Drive
Commencing: February 2022 | Completion: September 2022

Earthworks are scheduled to commence February 2022 through to May 2022. Following the earthworks, landscaping, plant and vegetation installations will be undertaken through to September 2022.
Stage 1 Partners:

  • Water Corporation - earthworks associated with the Brook Channel
  • Friends of Woodlupine Brook - landscaping
  • State Natural Resource Management Program - supply and installation of plants

Stage 2:

Schedule commencement: TBC | Estimated completion:  TBC<

Stage 2 works will extend from Woolworths Drive through to Dawson Avenue. Final design and engineering works are underway and are scheduled for final review and completion by end of October 2021.

Key Objectives

    • Retain and protect the mature local native trees within the Brook
    • Realign the Brook to protect the steeply eroded banks
    • Reshape the Brook embankments and floodplain to stabilise erosion
    • Install riffle and pool systems to manage the stormwater surges through the channel
    • Revegetate the floodplain to increase habitat and allow movement of birds and other native animals along the Brook.
    • Utilise existing pathways for residents to access reserve
    • Maintain the majority turfed areas for amenity


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Woodlupine Living Stream

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