Local Planning Policies are prepared to address either strategic or operational considerations on a range of planning matters. When making a determination under the City’s Local Planning Scheme the City is required to give due regard to its Local Planning Policies.

Design Guideline Policies

Other Policies

Recent Draft and Adopted Policies

Below is the notification list of current or recent draft policies under consideration, review or comment over the last six (6) months.

Draft Local Planning Policy 34 - Wetlands and Waterways (LPP34)
7 January 2022

Open for Comment: Draft Local Planning Policy 34 - Wetlands and Waterways (LPP34)

The City of Kalamunda has adopted a Draft Local Planning Policy 34 - Wetlands and Waterways (LPP34) for public comment. Public comment has been extended to 5pm on Monday, 21 February 2022.
Large pink pin market pointing to a location on a grey-scale map
4 January 2022

Have Your Say: Amendment 106 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 – Kalamunda Activity Centre Plan (KACP) and Local Planning Policy 30 (LPP30)

The City of Kalamunda has initiated Amendment 106 and LPP 30 for the purposes of public advertising.
We welcome your engagement and communication. The City are committed to providing our community members with opportunities to be informed, participate, engage and contribute on a range of issues and areas. See engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au for more details on current or recent consultations and outcomes of closed consultations.
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