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Perth Hills Trail Loop - Stage 1

Project Status : In Progress
Estimated Completion Date : mid-July 2020
Location : From Kalamunda Town Centre (Railway Road) to Pickering Brook (General Store)

What is the Perth Hills Trails Loop?
In 2013 the City of Kalamunda, in conjunction with Shire of Mundaring and the State Government undertook the development of a Perth Hills Trails Master Plan to guide future trails provision across the Perth Hills, including an action plan and strategies for implementation over the next 15-20 years. One of the actions was to investigate a Perth Hills Trail Loop. Six key strategic gaps arose including the rationalisation and strengthening of the trail link between the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail and Pickering Brook. 

What works are happening for Stage 1?
This section of trail will strengthen the existing links between the northern and southern sections of the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail, follow the alignment of the old railway corridor and utilise road reserves to significantly improve walker and rider safety.

View final trail alignment here

The trail alignment (centreline) may shift up to 10 metres from the stated trail corridor to avoid major or sensitive flora or maintain trail flow, provided the alignment remains within the road reserve.

Who is completing the works?
The Western Trails Alliance (WTA) will complete the works. WTA is a not for profit public company that was established to help develop mountain bike and other trails in WA.

What will the trails be constructed from?
All trail and trail features are to be constructed of soil and/or rock. No timber or vegetative material is permitted to be used as trail or trail feature construction fill, e.g. logs, stumps, branches, etc. WTA is required to rehabilitate any disturbed trail construction footprint and construction access points to blend into the surrounding bush, through the scattering of leaf litter, logs, branches and rocks.

Why is the City undertaking the Perth Hills Trails Loop?
Recreation opportunities provide community benefits socially, economically and environmentally.
Socially through:

  • Improved personal and societal health and well being;
  • Increased community pride;
  • Social inclusiveness; and
  • Safer communities through reduced anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Economically through:

  • Employment in the industry and associated industries;
  • Economic benefits of sport and recreation tourism such as special events; and
  • Reduction in health care costs.

Environmentally through:

  • Increased understanding of the environment particularly through trail-based activities; and
  • Protection of environmentally significant flora and fauna within recreation areas (open spaces, coast, rivers, open spaces, natural reserves etc.)

Has the City considered the environment and the potential impact?The City has completed an environmental assessment of the trail alignment which also includes dieback mapping and a flora and fauna study. This is to ensure that there is minimal impact to the environment.

How long will the project take and the stages?
The estimated project timeframe is 10 weeks. Table inserted of estimated timeframe and relevant stages.

StartFinishDuration (days)Location
23/04/2020 30/04/2020 7 Canning Rd to Union Rd
1/05/2020 6/05/2020 5 Union Rd to Glenisla/Carmel Rd
7/05/2020 9/05/2020 2 Carmel Rd to Carmel Rd East
10/05/2020 19/05/2020 9 Carmel Rd East to Lawnbrook Rd
20/05/2020 28/05/2020 8 Lawnbrook Rd East to Halleendale Rd/Palmateer Dr
29/05/2020 5/06/2020 7 Halleendale Rd/Palmateer Dr to Grove Rd
6/06/2020 8/06/2020 2 Grove Rd to Gladstone Rd
9/06/2020 21/06/2020 12 Gladstone Rd to Lesmurdie Rd East
22/06/2020 27/06/2020 5 Lesmurdie Rd East to Stanhope Rd
28/06/2020 4/07/2020 6 Stanhope Rd to Schmitt Rd
5/07/2020 13/07/2020 8 Schmitt Rd to Mundaring Weir Rd
14/07/2020 15/07/2020 1 Mundaring Weir Rd to Spring Rd

How is the project funded?
A funding application was submitted to Lotterywest in late 2017 to construct the trail. Unfortunately, this application was unsuccessful. The City allocated funds for the project to commence with assistance and voluntary labour from a skilled community group the Western Trails Alliance.

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Project Images

Map view with the Perth Hills Trail Loop section of Kalamunda to Pickering Brook highlighted
View of a section of Perth Hills Trail Loop - Stage 1 trail - shows the dirt track going between grass trees
View of a section of Perth Hills Trail Loop - Stage 1 trail - shows the dirt track going between trees and grass trees
View of a section of Perth Hills Trail Loop - Stage 1 trail - shows the dirt track going between trees
View of a section of Perth Hills Trail Loop - Stage 1 trail - shows the dirt track going between trees

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