Cell 9 Wattle Grove

Cell 9 is bound by Roe Highway, Tonkin Highway, Welshpool Road East and the Freight Line.

The Wattle Grove Cell 9 area operates as an Outline Development Plan with administrative provisions and Guided Development Scheme provisions. 

Guided Development Scheme (GDS)

The GDS provisions are incorporated in Schedule 11 of Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (the Scheme). Following the gazettal of the DCP in October 1997, Council was required to adopt a GDS Report and cost apportionment schedule. The GDS Report and the associated cost apportionment schedule sets out in detail the calculation of cost contributions for development in accordance with the methodology shown in the GDS. The GDS Report needs to be a dynamic document to maintain the currency of the cost of infrastructure, land and other GDS items. The GDS Report does not form part of LPS 3 but, once adopted by Council, must be reviewed at least annually. The GDS Report review was last adopted in November 2020. The current GDS rate is $22,275 per lot per lot.

Reviews of the GDS report have referred to the document as a Development Contribution Plan (DCP). The City has reverted to the original name of the document (Guided Development Scheme), as the GDS was initiated prior to the establishment of State Planning Policy 3.6 Development Contribution for Infrastructure (SPP3.6) and therefore does not operate in accordance with SPP3.6 and Clause 6.5 of the Scheme.

View latest GDS Report (PDF, 1.8MB)

Structure Plan

The Cell 9 Outline Development Plan (ODP) provides the City a framework to guide Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals. It also guides the City when acquiring land for public open space, road reserves and community purpose within the Structure Plan area. ODP’s predate the preparation of local structure plans (LSPs), however operate in the same manner. 

View Cell 9 ODP
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