Community Services Directory

The Community Directory was created by the City of Kalamunda to provide links for the community to access services and community groups which are local, not for profit and low-cost/free to participate in.

These groups and services also comprise of local non-profit sporting clubs, education facilities such as schools and other arts, cultural and leisure activities.

Arts, Culture & Hobbies

  • After School Arts

    After school art classes for children.
    Phone: 9293 4486
    Location: Kalamunda Community Centre, Crescent Road KALAMUNDA
    Postal: 27 Headingly Road KALAMUNDA
    Website: N/A
  • A Kappella Munda

    Community choir singing, all ages, world music, no auditions, practice Saturday afternoons 2.30 - 4.30pm or 3 - 5pm on market days (1st Saturday of the month) 
    Phone: 9293 0850
    Location: Town Square Hall  Barber Street KALAMUNDA  
    Postal: 9043 Sampson Road  KALAMUNDA
  • Darling Range Stamp Club
    A club for people to meet to discuss, enjoy and exchange postage stamps         
    Phone: 9293 1557
    Location: Jack Healey Centre 24 Central Road KALAMUNDA  
    Postal: N/A
    Website:  N/A  
  • Foothills Learning Centre
    Monday: 9 - 12 Art, watercolours drawing etc. Tuesday 12pm - 330pm Mahjong Wednesday: 930am – 12pm Picture framing Thursday 1230 - 330 Patchwork
    Phone: 9454 2541
    Location: High Wycombe Recreation Centre 200 Newburn Road FORRESTFIELD  
    Postal: N/A
    Email:  N/A
    Website:  N/A 
  • Forrestfield Autumn Club

    Provides a social interest to seniors who meet weekly to crochet or knit projects. 
    Phone: 0403 601 584
    Location: Woodlupine Community Centre,  88 Woolworths Drive FORRESTFIELD
    Postal: N/A
    Website:  N/A
  • Forrestfield Eggers & Craft Group

    Group of ladies who meet to do craft and save the world.  Support each other.  Crafts varied card making, quilting, egg decorating. We meet and do craft and give each other support if down. 
    Phone: 0418 911 382
    Location: Woodlupine Community Centre  88 Woolworths Drive FORRESTFIELD 
    Postal: N/A 
    Website:  N/A
  • Forrestfield Pottery Group

    Pottery group.
    Phone: 9453 6409 or 0408 939 230 
    Location: Anderson Road Community Centre,  24 Anderson Road FORRESTFIELD 
    Postal: C/- 302 Holmes Road  FORRESTFIELD  WA  6058 
    Website:  N/A
  • Gem Camera Club Inc

    Local camera club.
    Phone: 0429 535 384 
    Location: Gooseberry Hill Multi Use Facility – 42 Ledger Road GOOSEBERRY HILL 
    Postal: PO Box 788  KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Gooseberry Hill Arts & Crafts Group

    A forum for local artisans and craftspeople to promote, exhibit and sell their work.  We hold two exhibitions each year ( April and November) in Kalamunda that are open to the public with free entry. New  members are welcome and we have guest artists at each exhibition. Please refer to website for details.
    Phone: 0427 260 252 
    Location: Kalamunda Agricultural Hall 48 Canning Road KALAMUNDA   
    Postal: PO Box 481  KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Hills Folk Club

    Hills Folk Club provides a forum for musicians and singers of all genders to perform to an appreciative audience.  Held on the 1 st Friday of the month, 8pm . 
    Phone: 9291 6026 
    Location: Falls Farm Cottage 41 Cagney Way LESMURDIE 
    Postal: 23 Glen Road  LESMURDIE  WA  6076 
    Website:  N/A
  • Kalamunda & Districts Arts & Crafts Group

    Sale of Arts and Craft materials.
    Phone: 0400 556 961
    Location: “The Wagon” Railway Road KALAMUNDA 
    Postal: PO Box 167  KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Kalamunda Community Radio – KCR-FM

    Community Radio Station broadcasting from premises in Gooseberry Hill. 
    Phone: 9293 0548 
    Location: 42 Ledger Road GOOSEBERRY HILL 
    Postal: PO Box 916 KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Kalamunda District Pipe Band

    Pipe and Drum Band practises at Gooseberry Hill Hall on Tuesday evenings. 
    Phone: 0418 946 360
    Location: Gooseberry Hill Hall 42 Ledger Road GOOSEBERRY HILL 
    Postal: C/- 32 Kalang Place  MUNDARING  WA  6073 
  • Kalamunda Dramatic Society Inc (KADS)

    Community Theatre.  Market Day Cafe.
    Phone: 9291 3773 or 0417 971 430 
    Location: KADS Town Square Theatre Barber Street KALAMUNDA 
    Postal: PO Box 89  KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Kalamunda Men’s Shed

    Support and services for men – health and activities.  The Shed is open 8.30am 12.30pm Monday to Friday . 
    Phone: 9291 7172 
    Location: 22 Falls Road LESMURDIE   
    Postal Address: PO Box 1359 KALAMUNDA  WA  6926 
  • Madjitil Moorna

    Community Choir meets weekly on Monday evenings for friendship, healing and reconciliation since 2006.  Award winning Aboriginal performers lead the choir in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander songs. 
    Phone: 0409 116 460 
    Location: Anderson Road Community Hall, 24 Anderson Road FORRESTFIELD 
    Postal Address: N/A
  • Pickering Brook Heritage Group Inc

    Preserve Local History.
    Phone: 0418 923 970 
    Location: Pickering Brook Road  PICKERING BROOK 
    Postal Address: 32 Tourmaline Gardens  FORRESTFIELD  WA  6058 
  • Stained Glass Group Kalamunda

    Workshop for people who have some knowledge and experience in the art of stained glass . Meet on  Wednesdays 10 am - 3pm.  
    Phone: 9257 1473 or 0412 762 788 
    Location: Headingly Road Cottage  11 Headingly Road KALAMUNDA 
    Postal Address: 6 William Street St KALAMUNDA WA 6076 
  • Uthando Project

    We make culturally appropriate dolls for traumatised children in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We also teach dollmaking skills to schools, multicultural groups, seniors etc.  We welcome in to our friendly circle , ne  dollmakers every Friday from 9.30am - 3pm 
    Phone: 9293 2363 or 0477 467 533 
    Location: Anderson Road Community Centre 24 Anderson Road FORRESTFIELD
    Postal Address: C/- 2 Healey Place  GOOSEBERRY HILL  WA  6076
  • Zig Zag Gallery  

    The Zig Zag Gallery seeks to provide a diverse range of cultural activities in a boutique - style gallery environment. The purpose of the space is to encourage, stimulate and promote local and regional cultural activities through an active and diverse exhibition programme. We welcome proposals from emerging and professional artists who are interested in exhibiting in our gallery. 
    Phone: 9257 9953 
    Location: Zig Zag Cultural Centre 50 Railway Road KALAMUNDA   
    Postal: PO Box 42  KALAMUNDA  WA  6926
  • Zig Zag Community Arts

    A volunteer group promoting arts and culture in the hills region. Organises the annual Zig Zag festival in October and arts and music workshops and events all year.  
    Phone: 9291 3092 or 0438 718 090 
    Location: 11 Headingly Road KALAMUNDA
    Postal: PO Box 761 KALAMUNDA WA 692

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