Community Anthology - The Change

Are you a keen writer or artist and want to have your work published in a community anthology?

Create a story, poem or digital art piece and submit it via the website for the chance to be featured in a published anthology.

Submissions Open: 3 July 2020

Submissions Close: 11 October 2020

Theme: 'The change'

This theme is broad and can be included in your work in any way you like so long as the theme, ‘the change’ is clearly conveyed to the judging panel. This theme applies to every category of the competition - both artworks and writing.

Free Entry - Open to all ages - 3 entrant categories: Under 18s | Over 18s | Over 55s

Being selected to have your work included and published in an anthology! This is a great opportunity for upcoming authors and artists to gain print exposure in a publication that will be distributed across the City of Kalamunda. The top submission in each category will also receive an assorted artist/writer prize pack!

Conditions of Entry

How to Submit

Complete an online application form below, attaching the final electronic copy of your work. 

You will need to outline the title, word count or artwork dimensions (whichever applies to your piece) and outline how the theme has been included in your work.

Submit Your Work

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Art Work Details

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Story or Poem: attach a word file of the copy | Art work: 2 x images (jpeg/png/PDF) High resolution (min. 300dpi)

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The work submitted is original entirely my own
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